About Me

I am a third-generation native of Washington, DC, and have pursued fine arts in various media throughout my life. I matriculated from the Catholic University of America with a B.A. in English Literature, with minor concentrations in Fine Art and Philosophy. After graduating,  I continued my education with classes at the Smithsonian Institute and Corcoran School of Art & Design in Washington, DC, the former Columbia School of Visual Arts in Columbia, MD, and the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA.

I began my pursuit of a creative avocation in earnest after a career in commercial real estate in Washington, DC, spanning more than 15 years.

My abstract acrylic work focuses on color: the play and movement of color, the juxtaposition between colors, and each person's unique experience of and relationship with color. I paint dramatic and atmospheric work, deliberately not specific to any place or time, so that viewers may develop their own personal connections and meaning in each piece. My objective is that my work will compliment and reflect each person's feelings and thoughts in a highly individual, expressive way, through the choice and interplay of color. By bringing my work into your home or office, I want to bring a bit joy, peace, color, and sensual enjoyment to your life.

A combination of abstract expressionism and abstract impressionism, I find the term Lyrical Abstraction best describes my work. "The [lyrical abstraction] movement was born out of a desire to create a direct physical and sensory experience of painting through their monumentality and emphasis on color – forcing the viewer to "read" paintings literally as things," - University of Nebraska Lincoln, Sheldon Museum of Art, May 1993.

In addition to my painting, I was a yarn dyer for nearly 18 years, opening Spirit Trail Fiberworks in January, 2003. I loved this business and the people I met over the course of nearly two decades, and it was exactly what I needed during the years of raising my childen. I closed my yarn business in August, 2019, so I could pursue my painting and other activities in earnest.

I live and create on a ranch in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico.

I love creating work which speaks to others, and can't begin to express how excited and humbled I am when someone chooses my work and it becomes a part of their daily lives.

Yours in color,